Truck Driving Schools

400915_3927677467295_20667517_nAs the former owner of a truck driving school, I know first hand what it takes to run the school from being the instructor to being the accountant! It’s tough.

So that being said if you’re interested in attending a truck driving school, there are some things you need to ask yourself and the school you want to attend. Here is a short list of questions you need answers to.

For you;

* Do I fully understand how hard truck driving school can be?

* Am I prepared for set backs during the first few weeks of training?

* Do I want an over the road (OTR) job or local?

* Have I job searched to see what is available out there?

* Am I prepared for the expense of the tuition?

For your school;

* How long has your school been in business? If it’s been a short time, ask them what they did before opening the school ?

This could be a red flag!

* Where do you get your instructors from? How much actual driving experience does each instructor have?

* Is this a structured class, definite start and end dates? Hours per day?

* How many people per class, and per instructor? Smaller class sizes are always better.

5 to 1 is a good ratio

* How much minimum range  and road time will I get?

* Do you guarantee me to pass? If they say yes, run as fast as you can. No one can guarantee this, and it’s illegal to guarantee this.

* Job placement assistance? How does that work? Recruiters come to the school?

* If I fail any one of the final tests with the SOS, do I have to pay extra to brush-up before the test and for the re-test?

These are some basic questions you need answers to. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions, this training cost a lot of money and you need specific answers to make your decision as to whom you trust not just with your money, but with you education, your life.


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